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Marjorie Lake

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Hello everyone. This is basically a test run for me. I want somewhere to post stories that is easily accessible to friends, family and anyone generally interested. The picture above is from Marjorie Lake in the Uinta range. I did an overnight stay here Saturday October 6th - 7th. I started at Silver Lake Trail Head just off HWY 150 (Mirror Lake Highway). Round trip millage was 2.8 miles and temperatures were below freezing. As you can see there was a fair amount of snow. Some snow drifts were up to foot deep. While I did see a couple people along the trail, it seemed no one was spending the night. Fine by me as I enjoy the isolation. Marjorie can be known for some good fishing. Especially due to the fact it contains arctic grayling which is a fish in the salmon family salmonidae. This was my first overnight backpacking trip since I broke my knee in late June and I could not have been happier to be out. Well, there you have it folks - my first test run with this site.

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